Spoon Creative offers the talents of seasoned designers, photographers, web designers, writers, and more, to give you a full menu of options to feed your audience.


Here are those that lead the teams:

John Evans Campbell
Spoon co-Founder, Principal, Director of Accounts and Luxury Brand Strategist

Solve the problem, think beyond what anyone ever expected, never back down from a challenge, roll up your sleeves, and be satisfied by each day’s work. These statements sum up John’s vision for both Spoon and life. With over 25 years of design and creative direction, John’s out-of- the-box passion for client brand strategies allow him to lead the Account Services team to a natural end result of a superior product and a satisfied client each and every time.

Michael Gold
Spoon co-Founder, Principal, Lead Designer and Creative Director

Michael’s vision is simple: build an environment where creatives can dream, and clients can soar. With this goal in mind, he leads the creative department with a keen eye for detail, a trained ear for witty phrasing and a magic 8 ball that might just foresee the future. With vast career experiences running the gamut from Super Bowl commercials to award-winning corporate brand development, Michael has been there, done that, and is ready to do it all over again.

Nathan Kirkman
Photographer / Luxury Brand Strategist

An award-winning photographer specializing in the Design & Home Furnishings industry,
Nathan has more than 50 magazine covers to his credit. He frequently works with brands
such as Herman Miller, Crate & Barrel, CB2, David Sutherland & Perennials. Assignments have taken him as far as Jordan, Italy & Singapore. He frequently travels the United States for clients such as Wired, Lucky, Wallpaper*, This Old House, Interiors, Chicago Magazine, and Metropolis, among others. He was selected for the Metropolis View 25th year anniversary show at the Art Director’s Club in New York City, the Communication Arts 2010 Photo Annual & PDN’s 2010 Photo Annual. For a closer look at Nathan’s stunning work, visit the Camera Department Website.

Chad Parker
Web/Digital Media Expert

Chad founded Cybernautic, his own web development company in 1998, and his strategic leadership has driven incredible growth to establish five locations. His team’s portfolio includes sites for television programs, universities, athletic teams, national organizations, restaurants, realtors, and more. For a closer look at Chad and his team’s capabilities, visit the Cybernautic Website.

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